Download Mac Version

For Mac users  Remote Magic Mouse Server comes with 2 installation options

  • Java Jar Installation Guide (No Firewall Disabling)

In case you do not want your firewall to cause any problem and if you do not want to disable it, simply download the Java Jar file below,you can run it by double click, or right click and select jar launcher to run your server on Mac.

Download RemoteMagicMouseServer.jar

  •  Standard Mac Dmg File Installation Guide (Firewall needs to be disabled)

To install Remote Magic Mouse Server on you Mac ,you can also download dmg file below and follow the instructions shown in the screenshots.Please make sure before running your Remote Magic Mouse Server , disable your Firewall on Mac.Otherwise your Remote Magic Mouse Server will not work correctly.

Download RemoteMagicMouseServer.dmg

Follow the screenshots after you download the RemoteMagicMouseServer.dmg file on your Mac.

1.Running your downloaded dmg file.

After you download RemoteMagicMouseServer.dmg  double click and you should see screen below. simply drag the Remote Magic Mouse Server in your Applications.

2.Almost Ready  To Go

Click on your Launchpad or go to your Applications folder you will see the Remote Magic Mouse Server Launcher. (Do not forget to disable your Firewall ,if you do not want disable it ,do the first instruction by running the Java Jar version of the Remote Magic Mouse Server)

3. Remote Magic Mouse Server Up and Running

Simply launch your Remote Magic Mouse Server by double clicking you should see your little server window up and running , your ip number will be show , you need to enter your computer ip in the next step on your phone to start using your Remote Magic Mouse on your Android phone.

4. Finally Getting Connected With Your Phone

Enter your computer ip  as shown below on your Android phone  and your ready to use your phone as Remote Wifi Mouse. Good Luck.




12 comments on “Download Mac Version

  1. Hi, I installed the app on my phone and Macbook, generated an IP and put it in my phone… it seems to work on my phone but my mouse on my computer is doing nothing?

    This is an awesome app if I can get it to work.

    Any advise?

    • Hi Pierre
      If i understand you right, Basically you should be able to use your phone as your mouse.Are you trying to use both at the same time? Let me know, normally it should not effect each other but. i would suggest just use one mouse at a time, either your phone or just your regular mouse.

      Whiztoos Dev

  2. i cant make it move with my phone but i already put my IP number on my phone and my Mac cursor is not doing anything. Please help!.Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi
      In some rare cases your ip might be wrong , to confirm that Remote Magic Mouse Server is showing the correct wifi network ip ,please go to System Preferences then click on Network on your mac and check the ip number shown in the wifi section.

      Whiztools Dev Team

  3. NO hot corners? (active screen corners) Can’t trigger exposé functions.
    NO mouse click
    In OS 10.6 (32 bit intel) via android app & kindle fire.

    my feedback swap view to Landscape.
    pointer less remote desktop more trackpad. input function as direction only. seems pointer location is relative to touch screens location. = edges loose function.

    Regardless thats cool sharing apps.
    Thank you

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