Download Linux Version

Linux version is a executable Java jar file which should work just fine on every Linux .


Download Remote Magic Mouse Server for Linux

Quick Guide For Ubuntu And Other Linux Versions.



2. Run

Once you download it ,right click on your RemoteMagicMouseServer.Jar file and select Open with OpenJDK Java Runtime  or Open With Sun Java Runtime shown on the screenshot.

3. Little Server Window Up And Running

You are almost ready to go ,you should see Remote Magic Mouse Server window running. Use the ip number for next step to get connected.

4. Success

Now your server is running ,enter your ip number on your Remote Magic Mouse App on your phone to connect your computer.

5.Just In Case

If the ip number is not right  and you could not get connected or if you are connected to your wifi modem(router) via lan cable and not using any wifi devices. then you should check your eth0 interface ip number ,below is an example of the Devices-Network Tools on Ubuntu, it shows you the wlan0 interface ip number. You can check your eth0 interface ip and use it only if your connected to your wifi home network via lan cable. Good Luck.








15 comments on “Download Linux Version

    • Hi
      We have updated Windows and Linux version exe and jar . you can try the new version and see how it goes

      Whiztools Dev

    • Hi
      Unfortunately this project is not open source . It is a commercial product with free version.

      Whiztools Dev

  1. The server is useless for Arch Linux setup on a Rasberry Pi.
    Could this have something to do with the need to use a headless Java environment?

    • Hi James
      Thanks for trying it out .You need check if the Arch Linux has pre installed java environment, otherwise you might need to install java for Linux manually. It has not been tested on Arch Linux but,as far as any system that has Java will run the Remote Magic Mouse Server . Check this link out hope it helps

      Whiztools Dev Team

  2. Hey Really want to try this app but am having the same problem as those above running arch linux with OpenJDK 7 i receive the same error as vb above ie: Exception in thread "Thread-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.whiztools.RemoteMagicMouseServer$

    using RemoteMagicMouseServer_1.0.0.1.jar, any help would be much appreciated.

  3. Running the server on Fedora on a Raspberry Pi seems to only load IPV6 sockets.

    This is an issue when you only have the option in the client to use and IPV4 address and the only address given by the server is IPV4.

    is there some way to force the server to use IPV4 on load? It seems IPV6 is built in on the Fedora ARM install and try as I might, I can’t stop it loading. :/

    • Hi
      If the ip shown in the server window does not work , please check your wifi settings to see your computers wifi local network ip .

  4. Sorry, doesn’t open under Ubuntu 13.4
    If I try to open aften download I get the message:
    The file ‘/home/horst/Downloads/RemoteMagicMouseServer_1.0.0.2.jar’ is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run. For more details, read about the executable bit.

    Is there a sulution?

    • Hi open your terminal (shell window)
      type the following
      cd /home/horst/Downloads/ press enter button

      and finally run the file by typing the command below
      java -jar RemoteMagicMouseServer_1.0.0.2.jar

  5. I just thought I’d let you folks know that this app works on my Bodhi Linux installation. Installing the server was a cinch too. The only complaint is that I find the scrolling is a bit “overactive”, even with the sensitivity turned down. It’s not a big deal though; it’s still quite useable.

    This app will come is handy when I hook up my PC to the TV set. Thanks so much for making an Android app that actually works seamlessly with a Linux O/S PC… such a rare thing (too much emphasis on Windows/Mac related stuff).

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