Remote Magic Mouse Server

You can install Remote Magic Mouse Server on your computer in seconds. and start using your phone as a mouse over the wifi. Please select and download the suitable version for your computer. Remote Magic Mouse Server supports Mac ,Linux and Windows

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  1. Hi. I can not install the server application on my windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PC. I tried everything you say but it just does not start. I tried the exe file, I tried the Jar file, I installed the reinstalled the java platform and still the result is the same, i start the installation file and nothing happens.
    Any pointers, what am I doing wrong? I tried it on two separate PC`s both with windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and the same problem persists on both. I like to install and use this application so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi. I cant install the server. (Win xp + java installed). Computer hangs as i run .exe or .jar file after downloading. Help plz

  3. Hi,
    Is it possible to install the server on Android?

    I have a Pandaboard running Android as multimedia Center connected to my TV and would be great to use my phone as remote…

    • Hi
      Currently server does not work on android but I am just guessing it might be possible to do it, thanks for your feedback.

      Whiztools Dev

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