We have released new version of Remote Magic Mouse ServerĀ  Executable Jar version called for Linux. This should fix the problem with Arch Linux OS .

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  1. The RemoteMagicMouseServer is showing the wrong ip address. Is it possible to manually configure it on the right IP address?

    • Hi
      This might happen , In case you think the wrong ip is shown , just check your network details and find the correct local ip of your computer.

      Whiztools Dev

  2. Hey! I want to use your app, when my laptop is connected to my Mobile Hotspot. That works. I dont even need to put my IP address on the mobile phone. The only thing is I cant close the popup that requests IP.
    Can you make that popup minimize?

    Thanks for the great app!

    • Hi
      You need to enter your ip address and press the blue arrow button then it will disappear.

      Whiztools Dev

  3. I need using my tablet as mouse for android tv box, you will develope server for Android? Great app.


    • Maybe , in the future it might be possible, but im guessing technically it is still not possible for Android .

  4. I’d like to control the x axis (left or right) with the magnetometer and up down with the accelerometer. Imagine a cell phone on a hat for a person who is disabled. They could move the mouse by turning their head instead of tilting it… would be great… let me know if you can mod this or made a new prog. thanks !!! (maybe a slider for sensitivity adjustment…)

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